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Although many people are not used to paying for them, traveling on a private jet charter is one of the best experiences you can try in your life.

The reason for it is a private jet has all the benefits you don’t have on commercial flights, and while many think private jets are too expensive for them, there are many affordable prices on the market for people working on a budget.

Nonetheless, with that many private jet charter companies in the U.S, it’s difficult to know which one to go for. We are here to address that issue, so read this page to know the five best private jet charter companies in 2022!

Best Private Jet Charter Companies

As we mentioned before, you can find the best private jet charter companies for you in 2022. We took many things into account when deciding which private jets were better for you, and the most important ones were pricing, comfort, safety, privacy, and an additional feature that could improve your experience while flying private.

#1 Best Overall: Villiers Jets (Highly Recommended) 

  • Comfortable flights with custom catering and comfortable beds
  • Access to a worldwide network of private charter flights
  • Certified operators
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Real-time quotes
  • Pet friendly

The first and best private jet charter company on this list is Villiers Jets, and that’s because of how safe and comfortable it is to fly with them. One of the biggest issues of commercial planes is they don’t focus on customer satisfaction and only give you the bare minimum when traveling with most of them.

Things are different when booking a private jet from Villiers Jets since it features entertainment for people of all ages, Wi-Fi, and customized catering for its passengers. You can even book a jet with lounge-style seats and some of the most comfortable beds you can find in foreign air carriers.

However, it’s not uncommon to see a private charter flight with beds or custom food, so what makes Villiers Jets different from others? Well, one of the main differences between Villiers Jets and other companies in this list is its worldwide network of private air carriers.

Traveling on charter flights from Villiers Jets means getting into the largest network of private jets you can find in the world, and that allows you to find high-quality flights, certified operators from ARG/US, and real-time quotes for every charter flight you want to pay for.

If you don’t like all the hassle needed to travel on a commercial plane, Villiers Jets could be an excellent option for you. This is because you can charter a private jet by sending a text message or making a call, so it’s not difficult to notice this company wants to make things the easiest they can for you.

Going away from your pets is one of the most difficult parts of traveling to another city or country since they suffer a lot when you are not there with them. Villiers can help you if you don’t want to leave your dog or cat alone since this company’s flights are pet friendly.

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#2 Best for Business People: Private Jet Finder

  • Top-notch aviation technologies Its crew has years of experience
  • Fast and easy booking process
  • Competitive pricing
  • Global-scale company
  • 24 hours customer service

Private Jet Finder is made for business people and CEOs who want to experience the luxury you only get when you fly privately. Technology evolves each day, and you want a crew that knows how to handle the latest technologies. Taking advantage of modern technological developments helps the jet crew and company make your charter flight more enjoyable.

This company’s operators have years of experience in the field, so they all know how to handle any situation that could come up during a flight. Thanks to that, Private Jet Finder could be an ideal option for you if you want to fly private but are scared of having any issues during your flight.

Private charter flights should be the safest they can be, and Private Jet Finder understands that, so each person working for this company is qualified to be as efficient and careful as you need them to be to feel safe while flying.

Customer care is the core of this company, so this company’s crew does everything for you while explaining every step of the flying process to you to help you understand what’s happening at all times. Don’t expect to fly on old jets when hiring Private Jet Finder since it focuses on giving you the most modern flying experience you can ask for.

As we mentioned before, Private Jet Finder focuses on business people from West Palm Beach or any other place in the U.S who want to fly private, but that doesn’t mean it has over-the-top prices since its pricing is highly competitive. To check the best available rates on Private Jet Finder click here for their official site

#3 Best for First-Timers: Vida Jets

  • Strong reputation
  • Special operators guide you throughout the process
  • Small fleet network

Vida Jets is one of the most popular air charter companies out there due to the number of celebrities it has as clients in West Palm Beach and other cities in the U.S. You can take that as a sign that this is a reliable air charter company for you. 

Although Vida Jets is nice we still think flying Villers Jets or using Private Jet Finder is the better experience for the money. Click here for the best available pricing

When you contact Vida Jets, a special operator will call you to talk to you about all the processes to book private aviation flights and ask you what you want for your air charter flight. After that, they will look for a jet that meets your needs and let you know what you need to do then.

Nonetheless, the only thing you need to do after booking your air charter is to go to the airport the day of your flight and get on the jet, so don’t worry about getting lost along the process since it’s one of the simplest you can go through when flying private.

While Vida Jets gives you access to a decent network of private aviation around the world, it’s not as big as the one Villiers offers, which means you shouldn’t go for this option if that’s an important factor for you.

Regarding pricing, Vida Jets doesn’t have the most inexpensive fleet on the market since it focuses on offering luxurious flights. Therefore, we only recommend you go for it if you have the money to afford a flight from this private aviation company.

#4 Most Modern One: Wheels Up

  • Mobile app for booking charter flights
  • Friendly crew and excellent flying experience
  • Dynamic pricing

Wheels Up is one of the youngest companies on this list, and despite that, its growth has been magnificent compared to other air charter companies on the market. The reason for that is how much effort it has put into making its crew feel comfortable with flights and the vibe around flights.

The flying crew of this company feels good while working, and you can feel that when traveling with them since they want you to feel the best you can during your flight. Apart from that, it has a dynamic pricing style that shows you real-time quotes of how expensive air charters are at the moment.

As happens with others on this list, Wheels Up tries to keep up with technological developments to improve its customers’ flying experience, so it has both an AppStore and Google Play mobile app for you to book your flight from your smartphone in a matter of minutes.

This company also has top-tier partnerships with other companies in the aviation industry to give you features you can’t find in other air charters.

Traveling with Wheels Up is ideal for anyone looking forward to getting on private air carriers with the latest technologies you can find in one and with the friendliest crew you can find out there. 

Although Wheels Up is a nice option we still think flying Villers Jets or using Private Jet Finder is the better experience for the money. Check out the Villiers Jet available charters here: Free Jet Club Membership

#5 Best for Visiting Several Countries: NetJets

  • Global-scale aviation company
  • Wide variety of airports available around the world 

Last but not least, we have NetJets, which is one of the oldest private travel companies on the list and one of the oldest worldwide. Thanks to that, it has more than 700 jets available for you over the world, and that’s not something easy to achieve.

Some air charter companies have issues getting to some countries due to how much time they’ve been working in the aviation industry, but this is not an issue for NetJets since it has access to more than 400,000 airports. Note: If you are traveling overseas make sure to renew your passport.

Despite being an old company, NetJets has done its best to keep up with the best and newest ones out there, so it has the latest technology infrastructure for business aviation you can find out there.

The owner of NetJets, Warren Buffet, is one of the most famous business people worldwide, and he has made sure to invest all the funds he needed to in making NetJets one of the best companies for private jet charters you could find in the country.

NetJets works as a platform for anyone who wants to use technology to book private air carriers and make any global payment they need for the matter, so it uses next-gen technology to offer dynamic jet card programs to its customers.

Although NetJets is a nice option we still think flying Villers Jets or using Private Jet Finder is the better experience for the money. 

FAQ – Buying Guide for a Private Jet Charter

It’s normal to have questions when flying private for the first time, and since some people often have the same questions about the matter, here are some of the most frequently asked questions when booking a private jet charter to help you have a smooth process while doing so:

What to Look for When Hiring a Direct Air Carrier Service

There are many things to consider when hiring private aircraft for international travel and setting your flight details, so you need to be careful if you want to have a comfortable experience.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the reputation of the company you are hiring, and you shouldn’t book a private trip with a company you don’t know that much or that has bad reviews over the internet. It’s better if you stick with the ones named on this page.

As soon as you know the private travel company you want to hire is reliable, you need to see if it offers the minimum comfort and safety features for you to travel on its aircraft. Not everyone is qualified to operate aircraft, so make sure to hire a company that also has experience in the field.

Budget is something you should also pay attention to since not all private air carriers are as affordable as you would want them to be. Regardless of that, many companies out there offer competitive pricing, so that won’t be an issue if you go for a company with affordable prices.

Why Should I Hire Private Jet Charter Services?

There are many reasons to hire private jet charter services, and the first of them is that it gives you far more benefits than the ones you get on commercial planes. Here, you don’t have to worry about making long security lines or losing your belongings on the flight.

These companies focus on customer satisfaction and comfort, so you can expect them to have comfortable seats and top-notch catering for you to feel your flight is one of the best parts of your trip. Additionally, booking private flights is faster than booking a commercial one.

Arranging flight details is also more straightforward when doing it with private aircraft since most companies ask you about your needs and set all the details for you while you just wait for them to tell you what you need to do to fly with them.

Forget about noisy or annoying flying partners since here, you can choose to travel with your family, friends, or by yourself. Many think private air carriers are only for people with a lot of money, and while they are more expensive than commercial planes, some flights are budget-friendly.

Pro Tip: Getting an Prepaid International Global Sim Card can help you save money on international calls and data while roaming abroad. 

Can Anyone Get in a Private Jet?

The short answer is yes since anyone who can afford a private jet can get in one regardless of whether they are celebrities or rich business people. You don’t need any special requirements to fly private, either, so only look for the things you would need when traveling on a commercial flight.

We understand it may seem hard to believe that anyone can get on a jet from a global-scale company without being someone famous or a politician, but the truth is that private jets are within the reach of anyone who wants to pay for them, and so don’t worry about what when booking a private jet charter.

Pro Tip: Empty Legs can be the cheapest way to fly private! Villiers Jets has a great selection of upcoming empty legs on their website, and they keep it updated weekly. For the latest available empty legs, you can visit their site here.

Do I Need to Go to an Airport to Get on a Private Jet?

This is some of the most confusing parts of flying on private air carriers, but yes, you have to go to a regular airport to fly private unless the company features a special private airport.

Going to an airport doesn’t mean going through the same process as people flying on commercial planes since employees from the company you hired will tell you everything you need to do to avoid those nuisances.

Final Thoughts


As you could see, there are many companies available for you if you are looking forward to flying private, and the only thing you need to do to book a flight is to contact one and talk things out with the person who calls you!

We recommend you go for the first two companies on the list since they are the best you can find out there, but traveling with the others may also give you a decent experience, so go for the one you feel more comfortable with.

Flying on private jet charters is an investment in your comfort and your flying experience, so there’s no need to hesitate when booking one of these flights. Nonetheless, make sure to always compare the budget of each company to see which one fits you best. If you want to save time and utilize our personal experience I would just contact Villiers Jets for the best available charters