VistaJet Just Launched A Picasso-Themed Private Jet

Traveling to see Picasso’s paintings in real life is a dream for fans of the artist. But imagine seeing his works and learning about his life in a way not accessible to the public? Yet, that’s precisely what VistaJet just launched with its Beyond Picasso offering through expanding the company’s Private World collection.

The one-of-a-kind luxury experience takes place over three weeks across France and Spain. First, you will start learning about the artist’s life in the French capital in Paris before sailing on a yacht and visiting his beloved French Riviera. Then, you’ll venture to Barcelona to get insight into Picasso’s blue period before visiting Malaga and finishing in Madrid. Along the way, you will stay in five-star accommodations and eat at some of the world’s best restaurants.

Plus, members get an in-depth private discovery of Picasso through several world-class museums, private collections, and places not accessible to the public. And you get to meet with people who actually knew Picasso, including his family.

“VistaJet engaged with the most talented partners to create a magical experience designed around our Members’ individual passions,” Matteo Atti, EVP of Marketing and Innovation at VistaJet, told me. “The majority of our Members collect art – and which art lover would not want to meet with Picasso’s family to explore with them the life of the great master?”

And Beyond Picasso isn’t the only new offering. The private jet company also announced the addition of the Masterclass with the world’s best winemakers to its portfolio of curated travel itineraries. The personalized trip takes members to the heart of Italy, where they can meet with world leaders in the wine industry. Those include Vincent Chaperon, Chef De Cave of Dom Pérignon, Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, Cellar Master at Hennessy cognac, and Lewis Chester, founder of Golden Vines. There’s even an opportunity to get a personal cellar curated by Golden Vines founder Lewis Chester. That way, you can enjoy the wine experience for years to come.

“Liquid Icons had the most ambitious goal of creating the Oscars of wines while also funding diversity in wine education – it was an incredible chance to join the best wine experts and winemakers, and support the next generations of talents,” said Atti. “VistaJet is passionate about inspired travel.“

These latest offerings come after Private World was first launched in 2020. Since then, Vista Jet has secured 595 partners across 43 categories to create these rare (and highly luxurious) travel itineraries. For example, exploring the Altai in Mongolia, Adventures in the Namibian Desert, and Submarine adventures in the Caribbean are all currently available trips that include stays on yachts, private islands, and in exceptional estates. Plus, the company saw a 64% increase year-over-year in global flight hours, which is expected to grow as 17 Global 7500 aircraft will be available by the end of 2022.

“VistaJet’s promise has always been to allow our clients to go anywhere, anytime,” said Atti. “Through Private World, we want to help our Members pursue their passions in the easiest, most direct ways, continuing to provide the ultimate service in aviation. It is not just about the places – it’s about the people, the opportunities, and the learning that only thoughtful travel can bring together.”