Community praised for response following massive fire at

NANTUCKET – Emergency officials on Nantucket are thanking the community for their outpouring of support following a massive fire at the historic Veranda House bed & breakfast on Saturday.

Several buildings are total losses following the fire, which broke out around 7 a.m. An off-duty fire captain and several civilians ran into the hotel and began evacuating people as the flames began to spread.

Fire departments from several Cape Cod towns took ferries to the island to help knock down the flames.

Nantucket Police shared aerial video taken during the fire that shows the extent of the damage, calling the fire a “loss for Nantucket.”

“First and foremost a huge thank you to the Nantucket Fire Department who without a doubt prevented a massive fire from spreading and causing even more of a loss,” police posted. “Thank you to the Cape Cod Fire Departments and beyond who also arrived and went straight to work. All firefighters and first responders worked selflessly and diligently together to knock down the fire and keep it contained.”

Police said local businesses and residents also showed an outpouring of support. Inns and hotels, as well as residents, opened their doors to the victims who were displaced from the hotel. Other restaurants and businesses volunteered their services as well.

“It was truly incredible to see the selflessness and quick action of so many to help our community,” Nantucket Police posted. “Even when the area was surrounded by heavy smoke, you all still showed up to do what you could. It is in times like these that remind us of what a special community Nantucket truly is.”

According to the Nantucket Current, the blaze was not intentionally set. The fire department is investigating what started it. 

The inn’s alarm system was working but it was not required to have sprinklers as it was a historic building.