Charter Jets for Business Sense

Even in the face of rising fuel costs and the ease of meeting via video and web-conferencing, many companies are still flying their top executives around the country, or even the world to important meetings. Let’s face it, no technology offers the bonding that still is very much a part of making a deal, nor the ability to size up a potential business partner, like a face-to-face meeting.

The aircraft charter business is on the rise.

If a company is not yet successful or large enough to own its own business jet, rather than flying their CEO’s first-class, or even executive-class, on commercial flights in the public eye and within public hearing range, the increasing trend for small to mid sized companies is to charter a private jet.

It may sound more expensive at first, but this can be an excellent business decision. The jet will leave when you want it to leave, and depart from, or arrive at, an airport of your choice, while avoiding the stress caused by long security delays. Furthermore, depending upon the amount of passengers, the actual price tag of chartering a business jet can be comparable to that of a scheduled commercial flight.

Why Charter a Business Jet?

The following are four reasons why chartering a private executive jet makes good business sense:

Security – Chartering a private business jet provides an improved level of security not found on most commercial airlines. Remember when you fly on a chartered business jet, you are renting the entire jet, not just one seat. This is why you can be sure of much greater security in terms of the protection of sensitive business information. You won’t have to worry about why the guy in the seat behind you frantically scribbling away in a notebook as your meeting is going on. With the rise of corporate espionage, this is a growing problem.

Efficiency – Chartered business jet passengers will save more time during departure by having direct access to the aircraft instead of waiting in long lines at the airport security screenings. Not only that, but because it is possible for the jet to wait for you at the arrival location and you can depart on your own timetable. It is possible to conduct a meeting in the early afternoon and still be home in time for dinner allowing you to be back to work the following morning.

Simplicity – It is now easier than ever before to charter a business jet. One of the easiest ways of finding an aircraft charter company is on the internet. However you can also search for aircraft charter brokers who act as your private charter jet liaison and can assist you in locating the best charter company that will suit your requirements.

A Private Jet Charter- The New Status Symbol

One of the biggest bonuses offered to many prized CEO’s is the use of the company jet. Many companies are noticing this, and to remain competitive in recruiting talent they have to offer the best perks. Chartering a jet has become the trend with several mid-sized businesses who can’t afford to purchase their own company jet. Yet another example why the aircraft charter business is on the increase.

Remember, a private business jet charter is not a luxury for a busy executive team; it is a tool in reducing costs and increasing security. Now, if you feel like chartering a private jet to Tahiti for the weekend on a beach…that is truly a luxury.