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It is one of the world’s most parodied paintings. The central figure has been mimicked by everyone from Macaulay Culkin to Homer Simpson and Scooby-Doo, and the haunted face with gaping mouth and hollow eyes inspired an entire franchise of horror films, and even an emoji.

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River Cruise Lines Cancel Christmas Market Itineraries as

(Updated 5:00 p.m. EST) — Numerous river cruise lines have begun canceling or modifying the the rest of the 2021 season for their popular European Christmas Market sailings following Austria’s two-week lockdown that began on November 22 as a measure to curb rising COVID-19 infection rates.

On November 25, Slovkia announced it, too, would go on a two-week lockdown, removing

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Everything you need to know

New to river cruising? For a holiday to escape from your daily routine, discover new places and experience a different pace of life, a river cruise might just be the perfect getaway for you.

If you’ve never been on a river cruise before, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve answered some of the most common questions travellers ask

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Rhine river cruise offers a ‘magic window’ on historic

I pressed the switch on the wall and the 10ft panoramic window – the entire length of the cabin – immediately opened.

Our indoor cabin had quickly, and very impressively, become an outdoor one.

It meant my wife Lois and I could sit sipping a glass of very decent German white wine and watch the world go by on our

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8 Important Things To Do Before Going on a Bahamas Cruise

8 Important Things To Do Before Going on a Bahamas Cruise : Bahamas, a country with 700 islands and thousands of islets and wonderful caves, is among the most popular destinations for Atlantic cruises. This is because The Bahamas is truly a beautiful country that amazes both travelers and scientists alike, especially when it comes to exploring the famous “Blue

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Preparing for Your First Cruise

Preparing for Your First Cruise : No longer the sole preserve of the rich, cruise holidays are now an affordable and popular option with holidaymakers everywhere. Nonetheless, once you have booked your first cruise, your mind will inevitably turn to things like seasickness, luggage to pack and how to keep your children entertained etc. Follow the advice below and your

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