Away Launches New Outdoor Luggage Collection

Popular luggage brand Away has an innovative new line for your new adventures.

The company has launched F.A.R—For All Routes, a new line of outdoor-focused travel essentials that blends the brand’s signature design aesthetic with technical performance and modern design, helping travelers explore the outside world.


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“Away is consistently working to anticipate the evolving needs of our customers,” said Jen Rubio, CEO and co-founder of Away.

“There has been a shift in travel trends toward various types of outdoor travel, which accelerated during the pandemic. Customer demand is stronger than ever, as excitement for travel is higher than ever, and we’ve learned that over half of travelers expect their post-pandemic trips to be different, including a strong desire to reconnect with nature, adventure, and the outside. We developed F.A.R to enable our customers to take more types of trips with Away, and we are thrilled to give our community something we know they want, while also unlocking access to an entirely new audience, resulting in growth opportunities for our business.”

Away has created these new bags to cater to every aspect of what being “outdoors” means, from the serious to the casual. On offer are nine all-new silhouettes that support travelers’ outdoor pursuits, including the F.A.R Duffle, available in 40L, 55L and 70L size options, the F.A.R Convertible Backpack 45L, the F.A.R Tote 45L, the F.A.R Backpack 26L, the F.A.R Messenger 16L, the F.A.R Organizational Cubes and the F.A.R Pouches.

The durable design features carefully sourced materials that can withstand extreme adventures. They are constructed of a lightweight, high-strength recycled polyester structured to hold all of your gear.

Away's new luggage is ready for adventure.
Away’s new luggage is ready for adventure. (photo courtesy Away Travel)

Colorways include classics such as black, navy, green and white, as well as eye-catching hues like Atomic Celery, Red Orange and Vivid Blue.

The soft-bodied collection is easy to pack and easy to store and includes hidden pockets, compression straps, exterior daisy chains, webbing loops and additional accessories, including the collection’s organizational cubes and pouches.

“F.A.R marks a very exciting new chapter for Away. As we are best known for our modern, reductive approach to product design, exemplified in our iconic luggage and bags, we are thrilled to apply this same design philosophy to the very dynamic category of outdoor travel products,” said Cuan Hanly, chief design officer of Away. “Our new line F.A.R highlights the balance of function, style and durability, combining the same intuitive design and thoughtful features our existing customers have come to know and love while new customers, who may not have considered us in this category, will also appreciate the seamless functionality, inspiring colors and versatility present across all Away products.”