Annapurna and Travel Cat Partner to Release ‘Purr-fect’

Annapurna Interactive has partnered with the cat travel brand, Travel Cat, to release the most adorable and functional merchandise for players and their feline companions.

Have you ever found yourself scavenging in a dystopian town and thought, “Hey, this experience would be much better with my cat around”? Do you wish you could take your cat on wild adventures and nurture their inner explorer while still prioritizing their safety? With this new limited-edition harness and backpack release ⁠— you can!

In celebration of the release of Stray, AI’s cat adventure game, the company has collaborated with Travel Cat to create the backpack and harness combo to “give your cat the enrichment and stimulation they need in a safe way.”

Here’s what you need to know about the Stray Edition “Fat Cat” backpack.

The Stray Backpack is a recolored version of Travel Cat’s “Fat Cat” pack, meaning its capable of holding felines up to 25 lbs. (11.3 kg.) and the full set includes both the pack and the matching harness.

The pack, itself, is a charcoal gray with neon pink, blue, and yellow accents to mimic the bright neon colors of the cyber city setting from the game. The harness is a replica of the one worn by the cat protagonist as they travel around attempting to reunite with their family. It features both adjustable straps along the chest and neck with strong Velcro adhesion and buckles to ensure a secure fit, as well as a 6 ft. nylon leash.

Additionally, the backpack has a lobster claw attachment that can also be clamped to the harness in order to keep your feline sidekick anchored inside the pack at all times ⁠— even with the mesh top rolled away.

Fans can currently pre-order the bag for $139.99. Due to the limited-edition nature of the product, there will be two drops of 200 units each which will ship on Aug. 31 and Sept. 21, respectively. Those with questions are welcome to contact Travel Cat on their website or attend the Live Virtual Launch Party on July 21 for live tips are backpacking with your cat.

Stray is set for release on July 19. Check out our website for all you need to know about the game.