10 best pet carriers for summer 2022 travels

Don’t leave Fido at home this summer.

Instead, invest in a safe, durable and trendy pet carrier to take your cat, dog or other small furry friend on the go with you.

Before you leave, check with your airline or bus company to see their pet policy, but many allow fuzzy companions to come along, so long as the carriers and crate they are traveling in comply with safety standards.

Many of those standards include having either a hard or soft-sided carrier, proper ventilation and of course, enough room for your pup or kitty to sit comfortably under the seat, on a lap or next to you.

We would hate for your pet to miss out on summer vacations and adventures, so we rounded up the best carriers and travel bags for pets that will suit your 2022 travel needs and beyond.

A white dog in a black carrier bag

Take your pup or cat on the go with Caraa. This bag is TSA-approved as an airline-friendly bag and can hold pets up to 18 pounds. It comes with a luggage sleeve to slip over your bag and can be fully collapsed when not in use.

A small brown dog in a green carrier
Wild One

Take your wild one on an adventure this summer. The Travel Carrier from Wild One is a great way to make sure your pet is safe and also has a place to stretch and play when safe to do so, with the zippered wall that expands into a mat.

A woman with a dog in her black backpack
Kenneth Cole

Hands full? No matter, with this pet carrier backpack from Kenneth Cole. The trendy backpack comes with a front zipper as well as a zipper on either side, expanding to let your pet hop in and out comfortably while keeping them safe when zipped up and on the move.

A woman pulling a dog in a roller bag

Beep, beep — there’s a pup on the move! This carrier bag is great for dogs and cats, as it is comfy and lined with sherpa padding that pets love. The best part is that it’s designed with wheels, plus a long handle allowing you to pull your pup and not strain or struggle.

A gray and blue pet crate

For a hard-sided crate, look no further than Amazon Basics. This crate is great for car trips, as the hard sides will protect your animal from any other luggage or kicks from passengers, while also keeping food and water bowls protected on the journey.

A light blue dog purse
Fable Pets

This isn’t a myth — stylish pet bags do exist. This one is a great option for smaller animals, as the shoulder bag can hold dogs and cats up to 15 pounds. The bag is designed for day trips where animals are allowed, or even a walk to and from the park when the weather gets too hot for them to trot.

A black and pink pet carrier

Out of office and on vacation. This bag is a great way to travel safely with your pet, as it is TSA-approved and airline complaint. It comes in two sizes, for animals up to 25 pounds in the larger size.

A dog in a blue pet carrier

Go away for the weekend and bring your pets with this nifty carrier. The Away Pet Carrier is made of a water-resistant nylon fabric for easy cleaning and comes with a suitcase sleeve to slip over your own Away suitcase when traveling.

A woman with a dog in a backpack on her back

Go for a piggy back ride — or I guess a doggy back ride? This backpack is for the adventurous pets and owners out there, made to carry a dog up to 30 pounds in the largest size.

A white cat in a purple bubble backpack

Transport your cat-tronaut to outer-space and back in this adorable bubble backpack. The backpack comes in an array of fun colors and can hold feline friends up to 10 pounds.

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